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The package is configured via an autoExport2DotNet.config file located in the default umbraco config folder.

The standard output options are defined on the root autoExport2DotNet node.
  • mode - Defines the export mode. Can be either "poco" or "abs" where poco exports your poco classes, and abs exports your poco classes with abstractions.
  • datacontextname - Defines your data context name
  • namespace - Defines the namespace for your classes

None standard output options are defined on one or more output nodes nested within the autoExport2DotNet root node.
  • machinename - Defines the machine name the output should run on.
  • outputdir - Defines the output directory for the generated files
  • format - Defines the format of the output. Can be either "cs" or "dll" where cs outputs a set of .cs files, and dll outputs a single, compiled dll.


Whilst there aren't any restrictions as to where you can set the outputdir attribute, it is advised that you do not point it to your bin or App_Code folders, as this will lead to your app pool constantly recycling, and may lock your application.

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